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Benzoyl chloride

Molecular Formula: C7H5ClO
Molecular Weight: 140.57
CAS No.: 98-88-4

Product name: Benzoylchloride, alpha-chlorobenzaldehyde, alpha-chloro-benzaldehyd, benzenecarbonylchloride, benzenecarbonylchloride, benzoicacid,chloride

Molecular Formula: C6H5COCl.
colorless liquid, with irritative odor.
Boiling point: 197.2oC
Relative Density: 1.2120 (20/4oC).

Properties: colorless transparent inflammable liquid, fume in and has special irritative smell. Solidifying point -1.0oC, Melting point-1.0oC, Boiling point197.2oC, 71oC (1.2kPa), Relative Density1.2120 (20/4oC), Refractive index1.5537, Flash point88oC.

Uses: Benzoyl chloride is mainly used in organic synthesis, dyes and pharmaceutical materials, manufacturing initiator benzoyl peroxide, TBPB peroxide, pesticide and herbicide. In pesticides, it is the intermediate of new induced insecticide (Isoxathion, Karphos). Benzoyl chloride is an important benzoylation and benzylation reagent, most of the Benzoyl chloride is used in the production of benzoyl peroxide, benzophenone, benzyl benzoate, benzamide benzyl cellulose and other important chemical raw material; benzoyl peroxide is the polymerization initiator of plastic monomer, catalyst of polyester, epoxy, acrylic resins, self-curing agent of glass fiber materials, crosslinking agent of Silicon fluorine rubber, oil refining, flour bleaching, bleaching of fibers. Also the reactions of benzoic acid and Benzoyl chloride can produce benzoic anhydride, which is one kind of acylation agent or an ingredient of bleaching agent and flux; it can also be used in the preparation of benzoyl peroxide.

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